Hey there! My name is Samantha and I’m a secondary teacher living and working in Australia. I’m a proud Ngiyampaa woman and I’ve just finished a four year double degree in Education and Arts (history and crim major). I’ve just started teaching in the NSW public sector and I’m really loving it!

The name ‘The Neverending Student’ is a nod to the book and movieĀ The Neverending Story, as well as an acknowledgement that we’re always learning and growing as people, even if our formal education has ended. One day I hope to go back to uni to do some further study, but for now it’s time to join the ‘real’ world and use this degree that I spent four years (and thousands of dollars) on!

I’m creating this blog so that I can share my experiences, perspectives and thoughts about all things history, criminology and education, (and possibly to procrastinate when I should be working).

I’d love to hear any feedback, comments or suggestions so feel free to get in touch via the Contact link on the site.