What plans?

You may have noticed that my posts have been extraordinarily inconsistent. I guess in a way, I could try and claim that the inconsistency of those posts is actually consistent but let’s not go down that rabbit hole. I created this blog months ago, in the midst of my fourth and final year of a double degree, and at that time I was 100% sure … Continue reading What plans?

Remembering the Past

In the construction of history, it is often individual and collective memory which conjures an understanding of the historical figure or event, yet it is historically accurate details that authenticate such representations. Tension exists between academic history and memory as historians have traditionally handled oral testimony and other less traditional sources with scepticism. Some of the common arguments against using sources like oral testimony and … Continue reading Remembering the Past

because of her, we can

  This week is NAIDOC week in Australia so I thought it only appropriate to write about how important the celebration and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is, and how this year’s theme is a real winner. A little context – NAIDOC is an acronym for National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee and is celebrated every year in July. NAIDOC has … Continue reading because of her, we can


I know what you’re thinking… What’s this? A blog?!? Are you sure you want to invest time in a project that only you and your close friends and family will read? Yes. The answer is yes. I know I’m a little late to the blogging phenomenon, but sometimes its OK to be late. Don’t be late to things like birthday parties and the movies (you … Continue reading Welcome!